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About Us

Dr. Harley’s special interests are Laparoscopic Surgery, Hysterectomy Alternatives, Perimenopausal Health and Natural Remedies, Bio-equivalent hormone replacement for men and women. She has added an Ageless Med Spa to her practice as a means to improving women’s healthcare and focusing on aesthetics.

Dr. Harley is appreciative to women and men whom have given her the opportunity to transform lives to healthy aging for this is truly her passion. She looks forward to continued success and long lasting relationships, which she has created with clients over the years.

Dr. Harley is one of the pioneers of a medical breakthrough that is changing the lives of thousands of men and women.

She uses a methodology utilizing subcutaneous, bio-identical hormone pellets. With 25 years of experience as a Board Certified Physician and one of Atlanta’s top surgeons in her field, Dr. Harley, has studied and researched the use of synthetic versus natural hormone replacement therapy for her patients. She has found that the SottoPelle Bio-Identical Hormonal Therapy is far superior to any synthetic or other natural bio-identical hormones on the market. Her female as well as male patients have regained what they thought was forever lost, energy, focus, drive and a zest for life!


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