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Natural Vitamins

Natural Vitamins

A significant number of the vitamins you will find on the pharmacy shelves these days are made synthetically through chemical processes, rather than derived directly from plants or other materials, although some manufacturers still produce natural vitamins. In fact, manufacturers of natural vitamins and some of their adherents claim they are superior to synthetic vitamins. Is there any substance in these claims?

It is rather difficult to make the distinction between "synthetic" and "natural" vitamins. Some define a natural vitamin as a concentrated nutrient derived from a quality natural source. The idea is maximum retention of the natural material; no artificial colors, sweeteners, or preservatives should be used.

A natural source contains co-factors that come with the nutrient in nature. For instance, some co-factors that are usually found with Vitamin C are various bioflavonoids. It is concentrated from its natural source as carefully as possible. No extreme heat, pressure, or possibly toxic solvents are used. There are no sugar or chemical tablet coatings. The nutrients are prepared from high quality raw ingredients. No artificial chemicals are added. Harsh binders and fillers do not hinder absorption.


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